AMAZING lighting on this tour. Really amazing

Dudes name is Gurn

-  Offspring Fan Forum

The stage was filled with screens which produced nice colourful videos. The highlight of this new screen production was Thunderball with a spectacular red video show...

-flash,re: Tom Jones in rotterdam

David “Gurn” Kaniski’s elegant lighting design paints the stage with vivid shadow and color; his inventive projections are a real asset to the show…

-OC Weekly,re:Magdalene

The lighting designer on the show was incredible. Two moments of the show had the drama ramped up exponentially because of lighting. The first was the backlighting of the drummer during his solo. The lighting created movement and shadows that moved throughout the entire theater. Genius. The second moment of note was during one of Ms.Braxton's entrances. She was on the top of a staircase and the only lights on stage were two pin-point lights that illuminate her face and Décolletage. Stunning.

-Broadwayworld.com- re Toni Braxton

Do not know quite what you did but you blew them away...

 Nice one...



Gurn- Thank you so much for your incredible contribution to Boom Boom Huck Jam. This show truly would not have been the success it is without your unending talent and hard work.                        

–Tony Hawk-


It was brilliant, it looked great on video and I want to talk further about the future. It was beautiful, really stupendous, thank you.    

-Jon Anderson of Yes-


Since the bands style of music lends itself to a vocal-less performance, lighting director Dave Kaniski has his job cut out from the beginning. … he is able to paint such a visual experience that you never notice that nobody is singing.... a very unique show by every stretch of the imagination.            

– Performance Magazine, Re: Tangerine Dream-


And then the house darkened. There was a flood of breathtaking lights, and there was Yanni, the creative and visual focus, playing against a backdrop of colors that transformed the stage into a Shangri-la.

-The Morning Gall, Easton, PA –


Much credit goes to the Yanni tour support team as well as the lighting staff whose effects never overpowered the music but added, instead, to the mood of each composition… The lighting matched that of any great theatrical production.  

- The Record, New Jersey-


The Taj was gorgeous! The colours were breathtaking, with strong blue, ravishing violet and bright green spotlights moving about in their motorized panels in perfect time The precision was hairline. Were the lights keeping time to the music, or was it the other way round? Can't say.   

-The Times of India –


The gleaming white façade of the Taj Mahal awash with 1000 lights is definitely one of the most striking images ever seen on television  

-Brad Goode; KCET-


Mary J. Blige was exceptional… Her light show was filled with action and rhythm

  1. -Anika Robertson; The Daily Egyptian-

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  3. -Farrell was helped visually by a spectacularly creative lighting design, full of odd color juxtapositions and cliche-free lighting angles...

-SACRAMENTO BEE, re:Janes Addiction

Prolific, highly professional yet humorous and still a little outspoken, 38-year old David 'Gurn' Kaniski is the epitome of the modern touring LD.    

-PLSN Magazine -

The concert was amazing! Brandy came out from the back of the stage adorned with gorgeous lights. …She looked stunning and the stage was unbelievable. It was the best night of my life… I will always remember the night when all my dreams came true.     

-Jessica Clay- Re: Brandy

"You did it! Perfect!" 

-Perry Farrell; Jane’s Addiction-

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